Christmas by the pool


We haven’t celebrated Christmas in a traditional, Swedish or American sense since Elle was really, really young. And even back then we were often abroad somewhere during the holidays.

Elle’s working during some of the coming holiday season and as much as we miss her, it’s nice to not have to deal with the commercial side of a Swedish or, American Christmas. Not that we don’t get our fair share of carols, trees, and lights here in South East Asia. We do and then some.

It’s kinda the Emperor’s new clothes syndrome. Shopkeepers and retailers here have been convinced that what we can’t get enough of are the classic Christmas songs looped infinitely ad nauseam accompanied by an overflow of glittering ornaments and blinking lights every time we walk into a 7-Eleven, Boots, a Zara, and other multinational chain stores.

I’m sure all the Christian tourists and local Christian kids appreciate the decorations and fuss.It probably serves as a constant visual and audible reminder to their parents lest they forget that gifts are just as welcome while they’re in this part of the world as when they celebrate Christmas back home.

We had dinner tonight at a roadside restaurant with international cuisine. We might have actually been the only non-Russian guests there. The only time I’ve seen so many young Russian families in one place was outside of the Hermitage Museum in St Petersburg.

The above image is from the hotel’s pool where the nice staff has lightly (and tastefully) added a little Christmas vibe to the beautiful seaside scenery.