Chinese Cemetery on the Move

I met and had a brief chat with a biking Bangkokian earlier today as I was just about to enter an old Chinese cemetery below the towering Mahanakhon building in the Saladeng/Bang Rak area. The friendly chap worked as a sales and marketing rep at the Bangkok office for Holiday Inn’s waterpark resort in Hua Hin, a few hours south of the capital.

With it’s overgrown crypts,looming gargoyles and mini-mausoleums, the overgrown cemetery was kinda spooky, even in broad daylight.

According to my cycling acquaintance, the cemetery used to cover a much larger area and that what ever is left of it now, will likely be relocated to a patch of land near Pattaya to make way for more property development in the area.

With that in mind, I ended up spending an hour documenting the grounds as much as I could (much of it is semi-sunk in an urban swampland. 

I wonder how the kinsman of the Thai-Chinese buried their feel about the move. Maybe they’ll be compensated somehow by whoever’s going to be placing what will inevitably be another skyscraper there.