Back in Barcelona

The new year’s first European trip went to Spain, if only for a short weekend visit. It’s considerably warmer here methodologically (as well as socially), but there hasn’t been much sun yet, which is okay, too. We have an agenda that is in no way, shape or form dependent on the weather. That said, it’s still a real treat to walk along Barceloneta without wearing more than spring apparel.

A tapas lunch at Restaurante El 58 along Rambla del Poblenou is definitely recommendable. I really enjoy tapas once and awhile and this place had an interesting a la carte from which we ate about a dozen sumptuous dishes. The marinated tuna on a crispy salad and the deep fried mushrooms were two of my favorites.

It’s surprisingly crowded with domestic and foreign tourists just about everywhere we’ve been today. Loads of Americans, too. One taxi driver told us that Barcelona is now one of the 10 most popular tourist cities to visit in the world. No wonder it’s so busy in February.