apple watch

Will Apple Watch be on my wrist?

In a few weeks, Apple will be releasing a collection in an entirely new product category – the first since founder Steve Jobs passed away in 2011 – the much anticipated Apple Watch. According to previous announcements, the watch will be a companion accessory to the iPhone with some basic independent functionality including time, date and fitness tracking.

But the vast majority of features of Apple’s forthcoming digital timepiece will need the iPhone’s processing power and web access to accomplish anything truly useful, like provide text snippets, email alerts and heart beat notifications (!).

I’ll say this much for Apple’s new endeavor; It’s going to take an amazingly beautiful watch with some mind-blowing, sci-fi functionality to get me to switch from my analogue Submariner to a bulky, battery hungry “smartwatch” for day to day use. For travel and sport activities, however, it may still find a place in my digital life. Especially if I could use it for streaming music and podcasts – without having to keep my iPhone within Bluetooth range. It might take a few iterations before the Apple Watch becomes as ubiquitous as many other products from that fruit company in Cupertino, California.

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