Shrimp Sandwich

Another Glorious Shrimp Sandwich at Lisa Elmqvist

I rarely visit Stockholm without enjoying a classic shrimp sandwich at Lisa Elmqvist, one of the Swedish capital’s best seafood restaurants, nestled deep in the ancient and beautifully renovated food market, Östermalmshallen. Last time I ate there was in March with my daughter and avid shrimp sandwich lover Elle. Today I took my childhood buddy from L.A. Garth Franklin to this institution and the consistently exquisite shrimp sandwiches served there.

There are some that consider enjoying a shrimp sandwich on the east coast of Sweden sacrilegious and even blasphemous. They argue that since the shrimps originate from the country’s west coast, one should only eat them there. I’m clearly not one of those slightly narrow-minded people.

Garth is now as addicted to the shrimp sandwich as I am.