Red hot chili peppers for dinner in Bangkok

About Morning Java, Gym and Burning Chili

Just back from our local 7/11 where a friendly barista (only on duty in the AM) can conjure up a perfect Americano. On the way home from getting my morning java, I bought a small bag of fresh, sliced pineapple. I’m pretty sure the price has doubled from 10 to 20 baht since 2019, but it’s still ridiculously affordable. Despite feeling a tad hesitant about buying coffee from a corner convenience store, I wholeheartedly support street vendors as often as I can.

Like most mornings during our first week in Bangkok, today began with a 20-minute run on the gym’s rickety treadmill followed by weight lifting reps and some rowing. In all, my morning workout regimen takes about 30 minutes, or, as long as the BBC’s early edition of the Global News Podcast. I find this is the perfect combo to kickstart my mind and body.

I dearly miss our neighborhood gym Kockum Fritid, but as of tomorrow, when we move to a larger, modernly equipped apartment in the Saladaeng district, we’ll have a much better gym at our disposal.

The above bowl of red and green chili was taken during last night’s dinner at the colorful, lively market across Silom Road from where Sri Maha Mariamman, an over 100-year-old Hindu temple, is located. As in most cases whenever I enjoy chili here in Thailand, you eat it once, but it burns twice…