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About Adobe Photoshop

I’ve been using Adobe Photoshop for about 20 years. That’s a crazy long time, when I think about it. It’s an application that I will probably never fully master, but still feel very comfortable using several hours a day. That’s because it’s kind of like a Swiss Army knife – full of really useful and “sharp” tools that I need to deliver the goods – and a lot more that I barely know what they do or ever touch. Some of the stuff in the latest version (CC) I feel stupendously clueless about.

Adobe Photoshop was initially a film and image scanning software application first called “Display”, then “ImagePro” and finally, “Photoshop” once Adobe licensed the software. The Photoshop we know today grew out of the Star Wars Episode IV, A New Hope era when computer generated special effects began to get kick-ass serious.

It’s undeniable that Adobe Photoshop has revolutionized photography, graphic design, desktop publishing, architecture, advertising and the fashion industry. For me, it has evolved into the go-to program where all my final retouching and resizing is done – after an image has been worked on until about 80% in Adobe Lightroom.

And although there are a few competent competitors around these days, Adobe Photoshop is still as ubiquitous as it was when I launched it for the very first time on my Macintosh Performa 630 back in 1996. For more “about box” fun, visit this incredibly nerdy site.

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