watching over Napoli

A Watchful Eye over Napoli

Everywhere I travel, I hope that when I leave, I’ll take with me a moment or a scene that in some way represents the core soul of the place. The humanity. The vibrancy or tranquility of life as it plays out there and then.

The image above of an elderly woman casually watching over her street in the Naples neighborhood Quartieri Spagnoli is just that. A friend pointed out how well-kept the front door is when compared to the rest of the building.

But look at her face. Disgruntled? Curious? Or, just tired? Maybe a combo of all 3. In any case, this street scene was what I was hoping to be lucky enough to take with me from Napoli during our visit to Italy last week.

A moment. A slice of life. A glimpse of everyday mundanity. What a privilege for me to have both seen it and to have had the wherewithal to take notice and capture it.

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