Missing Malmö

Indian in Malmö

I’ve been in Malmö for 24 hours to meet with Joanna and Rikard, long-time clients (whom, like most of my clients, are also good friends) at their new restaurant Utbåtshallen to see if a giant print of one of my images could add to the milieu. I think we came up with an idea that could do just that spectacularly.

For dinner last night, I ate at the relatively new Indian restaurant Kontrast Ghee by the Sea in Västra Hamnen with Tommy, an old friend.

Admittedly, I am not an expert on Indian food. I’ve been to India a half dozen times and even spent a few weeks surfing in Sri Lanka. So I certainly enjoy eating Indian cuisine – not nearly as much as I lust for Japanese or Mexican dishes. Still, it’s definitely on my Top 5 list of favorites. Is it above or below Greek food on that list? Not sure.

Anyway, the meal I shared with my pal last night was absolutely superb. Not only that, but the table service too was on par with what I’m used to experiencing from the subcontinent. Snappy yet casual in a welcoming, easy-going way. Highly recommend a meal there.

Stayed once again at Clarion Hotel Malmö Live where spectacular views, a super comfy bed, and a giant, sumptuous breakfast buffet continue to make me look forward to every visit.

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