Turning Torso

Today’s Turning Torso View

Here’s what my view looked like late this afternoon from the 53rd floor of the Turning Torso. Though I’ve seen it from this vantage point for more than a decade, I’m still mesmerized by how high up in the sky this amazing building reaches.

I’ve had an affinity for long exposure night images for many years. Several years ago, I took a series of New Year’s images from the roof of the aforementioned skyscraper. Some of which you can view here.

Freezing a fraction of time is one thing. Capturing movement over the course of several seconds – minutes even – takes some practice and the right gear.
I shot the above image with a Canon DSLR, but I could of taken it with the Leica and enjoyed similarly pleasing results. My only gripe with the “Q” is that the user interface is nowhere nearly as easy to configure. At least not by default.