Har precis fyllt på galleriet med ett knippe foton från julens resa till öriket, Sri Lanka. Kommer sannolikt inte att resa tillbaka till Sri Lanka på ett tag, men hoppas ändå någon gång få surfa i vågorna utanför Hikkaduwa och Waligama igen. Bilderna från Sri Lanka finns här.

apple watch

Will Apple Watch be on my wrist?

In a few weeks, Apple will be releasing a collection in an entirely new product category – the first since founder Steve Jobs passed away in 2011 – the much anticipated Apple Watch. According to previous announcements, the watch will be a companion accessory to the iPhone with some basic independent functionality including time, date and fitness tracking.

But the vast majority of features of Apple’s forthcoming digital timepiece will need the iPhone’s processing power and web access to accomplish anything truly useful, like provide text snippets, email alerts and heart beat notifications (!).

I’ll say this much for Apple’s new endeavor; It’s going to take an amazingly beautiful watch with some mind-blowing, sci-fi functionality to get me to switch from my analogue Submariner to a bulky, battery hungry “smartwatch” for day to day use. For travel and sport activities, however, it may still find a place in my digital life. Especially if I could use it for streaming music and podcasts – without having to keep my iPhone within Bluetooth range. It might take a few iterations before the Apple Watch becomes as ubiquitous as many other products from that fruit company in Cupertino, California.

Listening to Bernhoft’s extremely groovy, “Everything will be Alright”


Kryddig och Krämig Krabburgare

Dagens lunch var en smarrig krabburgare. Det är mycket matbilder just nu. Kokbok på gång…hinner bara aldrig smaka av det jag plåtar. Jag tar dessutom oftast bilderna innan jag ätit.

Long time no hear, but hey – what an excellent album from D’Angelo and The Vanguard.

clarion malmö live

Januari i Malmö

Tog bilden ovan på väg hem från ett möte sent igår eftermiddag. Fantastiskt fint ljus ovan Clarion Malmö Live. Det är som om fornnordiska väderguden Njord tror att det fortfarande är oktober. Känner mig kluven till det osedvanligt milda klimatet. Skönt att slippa kylan och snöblasket. Samtidigt vill jag se och uppleva ljuset som snön för med sig. Eftersom vi redan nu närmar oss slutet av januari, kommer vintern 2014/2015 ofrånkomligen att bli rekordkort.

red sea diving aqaba

Off the yellow camel and into the Red Sea – oh my!

Stumbled across this image while cleaning up in the archives this morning. It’s been a couple of years since being invited to Jordan to experience the amazing stone city of Petra, float in the Dead Sea and go diving in the Red Sea – near Aqaba – just across from Egypt where the Arab Spring was underway and a few miles north of border to Saudi Arabia.

While walking towards the beach before the descending into the depths of the Red Sea, this majestic camel and his/her owner just showed up and so, a few of us grasped the opportunity. I mean, how often do you get to have your photo taken with a camel while in full diving gear? More images from Jordan here.


Höjdarburgare finns på LAX

Om ett tag flyger jag till Los Angeles. Skall jobba, surfa, jogga och förhoppningsvis tugga på en burgare från IN-N-OUT-BURGER vid Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). Av alla snabbmathak som USA begåvat världen med, anser många att just IN-N-OUT-BURGER är den bästa. Och visst är deras burgare goda, pommes friten knapriga och milkshakes krämiga. Huruvida maten slår Fatburger’s, Pink’s eller Baby Blues BBQ, vet jag inte (och min hemlagade burgare slår ingen av dom).

IN-N-OUT-BURGERs visuella koncept är diner/take-away-krog och ännu en nostalgitripp från klatschiga/svulstiga 1950-talet – en epokhyllning som alltid går hem i dom amerikanska (och svenska) stugorna. Filialen vid flygplatsen har i alla fall bästa läget om man som jag gillar att plåta när stora plan av typen Boeing 747 eller Dreamliner landar på Runway 24-Right vid solnedgången. Fler bilder från L.A. här. Och matbilder finns här.

Adobe Photoshop

About Adobe Photoshop

I’ve been using Adobe Photoshop for about 20 years. That’s a crazy long time, when I think about it. It’s an application that I will probably never fully master, but still feel very comfortable using several hours a day. That’s because it’s kind of like a Swiss Army knife – full of really useful and “sharp” tools that I need to deliver the goods – and a lot more that I barely know what they do or ever touch. Some of the stuff in the latest version (CC) I feel stupendously clueless about.

Adobe Photoshop was initially a film and image scanning software application first called “Display”, then “ImagePro” and finally, “Photoshop” once Adobe licensed the software. The Photoshop we know today grew out of the Star Wars Episode IV, A New Hope era when computer generated special effects began to get kick-ass serious.

It’s undeniable that Adobe Photoshop has revolutionized photography, graphic design, desktop publishing, architecture, advertising and the fashion industry. For me, it has evolved into the go-to program where all my final retouching and resizing is done – after an image has been worked on until about 80% in Adobe Lightroom.

And although there are a few competent competitors around these days, Adobe Photoshop is still as ubiquitous as it was when I launched it for the very first time on my Macintosh Performa 630 back in 1996. For more “about box” fun, visit this incredibly nerdy site.

Worst song in the history of bad songs

I can’t explain or illustrate how much I hate this song. I hear it every so often (too often, really) on my musically challenged neighbor’s playlist. This sad excuse for a song starts off innocent enough, but by 0:50 the trumpet player starts blowing an unnerving loop that needs to be banned on all continents galaxies. In fact, I think we need to take his trumpet away and put this sorry dude through some kind of deprogramming so that he never, ever can come up with such a horrendous melody again. “Sol Clap” is forever on my list of torturous tunes along with Stevie Wonder’s, I just called…