Tre Amigos in Vejbystrand

Amigos in Vejbystrand

My easter exhibit with photos of some of my favorite places and scenes from the quaint, seaside village of Vejbystrand went spectacularly well. Not only did all of the larger prints sell out, an additional four orders were placed on Sunday, the show’s final day. Most importantly, the winery’s owner Jeppe, master chef Frida and I proved our point that Vejbystrand decidely deserves more attention than it currently enjoys. And with the huge turnout, locals and visitors alike proved they appreciated our event.

As our usual overnight cottage/converted barn is still inhospitable, impractical and unhygienic (mildew, rot) and in unquestionable need of either being torn down entirely or being gutted and rebuilt, Charlotte and I took the opportunity to experience the comfort and generous hospitality at Vejbystrand’s Vandrarhem/Hostel. Truly inspiring to see how the owners have transformed their ideas and passion into something that so many make use of and write rave reviews about. The place is so genuinely focused on making guests feel at home.

I’ve collected some of my favorite motifs from Vejbystrand here.

Slow Barbecue

Shot during one of Chef Frida Nilsson’s preparations for the exhibit’s delicious culinary offerings. She slow cooked lamb, cabbage and grilled a whole bunch of other tasty treats in the Weber grill.

winetasting in vejbystrand

Easter in Vejbystrand

Frida Nilsson, one of Sweden’s most respected chefs, and Jeppe Appelin, a wine connoisseur and owner of one of Skåne’s boutique wineries and myself have joined forces this Easter weekend and produced an event focused on; fine food, fine wine and fine art photography. The exhibit is in the small seaside village of Vejbystrand (about an hour north of Malmö) at Jeppe’s cozy wine tasting local and right beside his small vineyard at Vejby Vingård.

vejby vingåar

Vejby Vingård

From the winery, Vejby Vingård yesterday, Easter Friday. Possibly a hundred visitors, four out of ten of my large images sold so far and about two dozen of my smaller photos. We also had 23 guests for a spectacularly popular dinner.

Turning Torso

Learning to Fly a Drone

After years of hiring drone pilots and watching a few of them crash their aircrafts – and my cameras – to smithereens, I was understandably apprehensive about buying one of my own.

But as leaps in technological advancments in this category (obstacle avoidance, battery life, ease of use) trickled down to the smaller, more reasonably priced drones, I started taking serious notice. And about a month ago, I took the plunge and bought one.

It’s still surprisingly cumbersome to get the controller, the mandatory phone app and the drone itself all configured, updated and connected to each other. Keep in mind, I’m a Mac user, so the tinkering most PC/Android users are adapted to is foreign territory for me. I’m used to things working more or less straight out of the box without having to go through a bunch of reverse engineering just to figure out how to get it all to work. Like a computer, a drone is a tool. And if the tool is too hard to understand how to use, I’ll just find some other way to get the job done. Fortunately for those of us with limited patience and technical savviness, there are dozens upon dozens of tutorials available on Youtube. Some are genuinely pedagogical, too.

Once past the initial stage of frustration whilst trying to get the hardware and software to rock n roll, the flying while filming and shooting stills is fairly straightforward. I’m getting the hang of it now and letting go of my previous distrust issues – so that I can focus on the drone as a creative tool to allow me to get unique perspectives.

What I like best about the flying experience? Possibly using the “Home” button so that the drone flies exactly back to where it took off from – with out any involvement on my part.

Falsterbo & Skanör

Despite bone-chilling weather, I had an inspiring couple of hours of drone flying down by the cabanas at Falsterbo and Skanör (approx 30 minutes south east of Malmö).

Varbergs Kusthotell

Varbergs Kusthotell

It’s been possibly 7 years since I was last in Varberg, the seaside town about an hour south of Göteborg and a couple of hours north of Malmö. The image above is what Varbergs Kusthotell, where I’m staying for 24hrs, looked like early this evening. Shot with the Leica Q placed on a rock below the hotel.

Malmö Sweden

Hypnotic Sunsets

Though I’ve probably seen hundreds of them before, sunsets like tonight’s still cast an almost hypnotic spell on me. So mezmeraized do I become that I have to at least try to capture in order to eventually share the amazing color range and stark contrasts between sky and sea, so aptly divided by the magnificent Öresund Bridge and to the right of it, a hint of Copenhagen’s skyline.

Sunday Swans

After yesterday’s tumultuous snowstorm (are there really any other kind?), it was fabulous to wake up this morning and see the sun shine from a clear blue sky.

I spent about an hour down by one of our round swimming bridges trying to cajole a couple of grand swans to be part of the cast in the above short video. And after a while, they agreed.

I tried out the new Gopro Here 6 for this ad hoc project and I’m mighty impressed by how well auto white balance, focusing and color renditions were. Will be most useful as part of my new kit.

I love when people start returning to Västra Hamnen. Not that it’s ever totally desolate here. But today, folks were sitting down, chilling with coffee or whatever and basking in the sun for most of the afternoon. Can’t wait to be able do some yoga/qi gong outdoors – hopefully in a few weeks.

Organic Ginger Snus

About 5 years ago, I decided to quit snus. I’d been a user for close to 35 years and just wanted the habit out of my life. While cooking a Thai dish one evening in Santa Monica, California, I took a bite out of some fresh ginger root and started chewing on it. After a few minutes, I pushed the mashed ginger up under my lip as if it were one those tiny tobacco pouches. The ginger root not only tasted better, it provided me with almost that same “buzz” as I was used to. I’ve since then been perfecting the production and this short video shows mys simple yet efficient process. You don’t really need a fancy food processor, but a good knife is a required to be able to fine chop the ginger root. You can obviously peel the root beforehand. I’m just couldn’t be bothered by the tedious effort that would demand.