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Lillaro anno 2016

Of the world’s total population, only a small fraction of a single digit percentage can possibly know about, or, have ever heard of Vejbystrand. In a way, that’s a good thing. Still, being someone that really enjoys inspiring people to travel and share some of my experiences from the places I love, I can’t help […]

Horses vs Cows

For whatever logical or unearthly reason, the horses in front of our house are gone. One minute they were there, happily grazing, enjoying life and allowing me photograph them from time to time. Then one morning, as I headed out to the meadow to take advantage of the early sunlight, they’d just disappeared. Vanished. The […]

Whacked but Running

My right knee kept the pace slower than I had anticipated and my hips and thighs were a bit stiff, but after 2-3k, I was pretty much my old self and crossed the finish line after this morning’s 10k run in decent time. The stretch of beautifully wild land I ran along, is so-called common […]

Apocalypse Now

If you’re at marginally interested in film, chances are you’ll have seen at least one of the several available versions of Apocalypse Now by director, Francis Ford Coppola, (the Godfather trilogy, Rumble Fish, American Graffiti) and an the all-star cast, including, Martin Sheen, Robert Duvall, Dennis Hopper, Marlon Brando and Harrison Ford. I re-watched Apocalypse […]

Porridge fitting for a rainy Sunday

The trick to a really tasty porridge is accompanying the rather bland crushed oats with a range of more flavorful ingredients. Now, I don’t eat porridge everyday, but while here in the rustic countryside – where it’s been raining all night and the better part of the morning – a cold smoothie just couldn’t of […]


Halfway through our stay here in Stora Hult and it’s been the usual mixed bag of weather. After my two weeks under the sun in SoCal, I’m okay with it being a bit windy and chilly. As long as it doesn’t rain all day. Today’s highlight was the annual “fika” at Lillaro Café with the […]

Eddie Harris: Live @ Montreaux

Charlotte, Elle and Theo have all gone out for the better part of the day. What a perfect opportunity for me to spin a few favorite albums by Eddie Harris & Co on this sunny albeit windy summer’s day.  

Storm Horse

Horses are mysterious creatures. Solemn, somehow. I love photographing them. Aside from the obvious challenge to capture horses at the right moment – with legs, tail and head composed in an interesting way – you also need to configure a backdrop that either adds context to the shot, or, encapsulates the moment emotionally. I took […]

You have to have at least a basic understanding of Swedish to fully appreciate this fine product demonstration. I’ve actually ordered one from Amazon (UK). The gadget, not the presenter.

Stora Hult

Back in the countryside for a few weeks. While here, I’ll be casually working on one of my ongoing projects; documenting the ancient fishing village of Stora Hult in Vejbystrand. First mentioned in writing back in 1524, Stora Hult is one many typical rural villages in southern Sweden where the sea and farmland converge in […]

Wristband – Paul Simon

Just one of many great tunes by the age defying, 75 year old Paul Simon who has yet another hit album, “Stranger to Stranger” under his belt. I’ve listened to Mr. Simon for as long as I can remember. And it’s so inspiring to listen to his intricately layered lyrical commentary on a wide range […]


After visiting Iceland in April where the hotel’s restaurant had a 4 meter long photo of a fish hanging on a wall, a photography project started to take shape – about fish in general and seafood in particular. As far as I can remember, I’ve always enjoyed eating seafood – especially shrimp sandwiches – but […]

The Expedition

Back again after an intense but riveting, two week “expedition” that took me to unchartered – or, at least forgotten – places. Especially during the first week. I traveled alone and incognito. My primary objective was to readjust/realign my life a bit. Acclimatizing to slo-mo from my usual, high paced work cadence – and all […]

Mojo Surfing

Gone surfing. Literally. Metaphorically, too. Not bringing much. No other computer than my phone. No other camera than what fits in the palm of my hand. No agenda aside from what might be the mother of all agendas; the search for mojo. Back in a couple of weeks.


In Sweden the “hen” debate is still raging on. I don’t get it. It’s a un-topic in my world. The only really interesting difference between men and women – and everything in-between – is purely physical. The emotional divergancies are there and that’s great. And as a dude, I’ve come to realize how much more […]


I’m pretty much an absentee employee of my own company these days. Still busy, just not from my ordinary workstation. With this amazing summer weather and an identical Mac editing system at home, I just don’t see the point of working in my new, but more or less windowless studio right now. So, while Charlotte […]

High on Heels

Back in Malmö for a short spell. Time enough to get back on track with regular visits to the gym, a run, a morning dip in the Öresund but also a couple of new personal projects and commercial assignments. A chef friend of mine has a bit of the, “Imelda Marcos Syndrome”. She has what […]

Lungo l’Italia in diretta!

I’ve enjoyed yet another primo Italian experience. Especially at base camp – in the Cinque Terre village of Monterosso, where the locals are super friendly, the food is great and it’s not too crowded. If you visit Monterosso, don’t miss the family owned Miky, one of the top ten Italian restaurants I’ve ever eaten at […]

Vernazza, Italy

Currently in the midst of the picturesque villages along the breathtakingly beautiful Italian Riviera – a stretch of dramatic coastline in the Liguria region called Cinque Terre of western Italy. I’m here for a few days to shoot for a travel thing. Walked along a mostly steep, partially stepped path this morning from the village […]


I’ve been lucky/fortunate/careful – take your pick – when it comes to my camera gear. It’s basically worked like clockwork. My pro gear, that is. The pocket/compact cameras aren’t built to last and either become technically obsolete within a few years, or, just break way beyond repair. I committed to Canon’s digital pro gear a […]

Weekend in Vilnius

Spending the weekend shooting in Vilnius, Lithuania – the third of the Baltic nations that I’ve visited in the last few years. Hard to compare, but I’ve found folks here to be very friendly and helpful. The width of old town’s architecture alone makes Vilnius worth a visit. Thanks to my buddy Yigit and his […]


Nothing screams of spring louder than when every friggin’ dude in the hood with a Bbq starts grilling beef, pork and poultry practically every day of the week. As much as I’ve enjoyed eating vegetarian cuisine for close to a year now, the smell from the neighborhood’s collective Bar-B-Quers is damn near torturous. The shot […]

Run with the Sun

Once the weather turns for the better and the temperature eases into t-shirt weather, which it finally, finally, finally has here Skåne, I half kiddingly joke that all is forgiven. The winter, I mean – which was mild and relatively dry – but lingered unusually long and was nearly unbearably windy. After a chock full […]

Continental Tires

Last week, I was hired by one of the world’s leading tire manufacturers for two outdoor, advertorial shoots in southern Sweden. The theme was centered around testimonials from reps of two trucking companies – both heavy users of the brand’s winter tires. As the assignment took place during late April in Sweden, achieving the right […]

Garage Sale!

Finally, the renovation of our gallery and the move to the new studio is complete. There’s still a few minor adjustments and tweaks that need to be made before I’m entirely satisfied. Since the new studio is a bit smaller, we’re having a studio blowout/garage sale this Saturday and Sunday between 11:00 a.m. and 05:00 […]